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  1. GO Dutch -A Beginning Textbook for University Students: download free PDF
    It is our belief that language learning must be fun if it is to be effective. We have, therefore, constructed this book around a parody of a Private Eye story. We have opted for this particular type of ironic text because it is both fun and functional. We adopted a narrative form to help students achieve comprehension on the level of the text, not just on the level of word and sentence. To further enhance comprehension on the textual level, students are asked to rewrite/retell parts of the narrative from the point of view of characters other than the hero, Jan Raap. The story is supplemented by "countertexts" called "Van de andere kant bekeken." These texts are fictitious reactions from fictitious people who are supposed to have read the main text and express their opinions on it.

  2. Modern dutch grammar - A practical guide
    خرید کتاب در ایران - قیمت تقریبی ۴۰،۰۰۰ تومان
    خرید کتاب در هلند - قیمت تقریبی ۵۰ یورو

فهرست طبقه بندی شده سایر کتابهای آموزشی زبان هلندی

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